Is it Still Worth Advertising in the Phone book?

Phonebook Advertising

Advertising in the Phone book

Indiana has no shortage of phone books. But with their relevancy dropping in the last decade, the value of spending advertising dollars in those pale yellow pages comes into question. We all want to get the most out of our marketing budget. It just seems hard to believe there aren’t better places to try to stir up business. Empirical evidence would suggest that assumption to be correct.

Survey Says…

In 2011, did a survey suggesting that less than 25% of people use the phone book at all to find a local business. A few years later, it hasn’t gotten better. You can expect to shell out at least $1,000 to advertise in an Indiana county’s phone book. Survey says that $1,000 is better spent in direct mail, PR, or web design.

Some Indiana Businesses Can Still Benefit

There ARE businesses that can still benefit from phone book advertising. The older population is still using the phone book. Phone books are quickly becoming a way to target the older generation, making it quite valuable to the right type of company. If baby boomers are your target market, the phone book may still serve a purpose. There is an added benefit if your competition has already give up on it.

Online Yellow Pages

The yellow pages seem to be aware of their own mortality. In recent years, there has been a massive move to the online yellow pages. If a company decides to use the phone book, it would be important to make sure to get the same ads on the internet version, as well. Choosing to forgo the printed book and simply utilize the online yellow pages will reach more people for a much lower cost. Most online yellow page directories charge less than $40 a month, for featured packages. That is significantly less than getting put into print. (There is still something to be said for getting into print though…Print vs Online Advertising).

Bottom line – if you can negotiate the right price it might be worth it to keep the phone book in mind. After all, getting your name in front of as many eyes as possible is never a bad strategy if you can afford it.