5 Advantages of Print Advertising Over Online

print advertising

Modern Advertising

With marketing well ensconced in the digital age, it has become common to question the usefulness of older methods of print advertising.  Online advertising can reach a larger audience with less cost and effort.  Whether your business is located in Indiana or another area, what could possibly be the benefit of keeping print strategies in your overall plan?

There are still plenty of reasons!

1. A Local Focus

The majority of Indiana businesses serve their local area more often than they serve nationally or globally. Internet marketing reaches many people in a short time. However, those people are certainly not located only in the Indiana area. Getting hundreds of visitors a day to a website for your local Indiana company sounds like a great achievement on the face of it. But the more important number is how many of those visitors are located in your area. Internet traffic can come from the strangest places and often from states and countries that will never actually require your products or services.

Unless you are a national company, print advertising allows you to target the people that really matter.  Direct mailers, brochures, flyers, posters, or catalogs gives a business more control over who sees its advertising efforts.

2. No Spam Folder

An important advantage to print advertising is the postman’s reluctance to sort materials into a spam folder for residents. When you chose to use direct mail for advertisements or for a follow up thank you to existing customers, odds are it will be seen by human eyes before it is thrown away. The same cannot be said about email advertising.  While it’s true that email lists are significantly cheaper, you can bet that the message is at least being seen much more often in a direct mail print campaign.

3. Not All Indiana Residents are Web Savvy

For those of us that spend an inordinate amount of time on the internet, it may had to believe that many people in Indiana aren’t doing the same thing. Believe it! There is a large number of potential customers that don’t use Facebook. There are many that think Twitter should be left for the birds, and wish everyone would stop using the word Google in casual conversation. These folks are never going to find you on the internet. Not because you aren’t do a bang up job, but simply because they aren’t looking. Granted you will find this type of person to be generally over 50, but ignoring them by putting everything into online media is a wasted opportunity. Unless your target market is 20 and 30 year olds, it is a huge benefit to augment your advertising efforts with printed materials to capture the potential sales from these groups.

4. Print Advertising is Permanent

Web Banners can be removed. Search engine rankings can disappear. Email addresses will often change. But printed materials are solid and permanent. When someone gets a coupon or a flyer in the mailbox, odds are it will be looked or even shelved in the ‘save’ pile. This kind of permanency isn’t available from internet options;potential customers have to remember where they saw your banner ad or check their spam folders and click your solicitations.

5. Print Advertising has Credibility

Visiting a website that bombards you with pop-ups designed to capture your email address or get you to chat with a representative can easily cause a potential customer to avoid a business because it is perceived as overly aggressive. Printed materials never disrupt a customer’s schedule as they choose when to read the materials. Since printed materials are rarely as sneaky or disruptive as most internet techniques, they carry an innate credibility that mass email advertising and website lead capturing can’t emulate. There is also no fear of malware or computer viruses.

A Mixed Advertising Plan

With so many options in advertising to Indiana consumers, why not keep print advertising in the mix? Your target market and business strategy will decide the right balance between online and offline marketing techniques. Try making the most of your print marketing by promoting online offers and other cross-promotion. Print advertising has evolved just as internet marketing has. So think of creative ways for your print marketing to compliment your online efforts.