5 Signs It’s Time For A Website Redesign

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Website Redesign Needed?

A good company is always growing, adapting, and innovating to stay competitive. Its web presence needs to adapt, grow, and innovate with it to stay relevant. The internet is the front line for winning new customers and retaining current ones, even for Indiana businesses. It can get costly to completely redesign a website every time your company makes a notable change in image or strategy, but we have five good reasons to make the investment.

1. Match Web and Print Branding

Has your logo changed? Have you created a new color scheme for your printed materials? The most valuable part of a brand is its ability to be easily recognized. Every Indiana business has its own feel and if your website doesn’t match your identity you could confuse or, even worse, LOSE customers. Mixed message branding – a sure sign it is time for a website redesign.

2. Web for Tablets and Smartphones

Websites are now viewed more on tablet computers and mobile phones than on desktop computers. Is your website optimized for smaller screens? It is important to create a responsive website that reorganizes the layout for optimal usability depending on the type of media the visitor is using. Most mobile phones will display a website best in a single column format. Cramming things in side by side just won’t do. If your website doesn’t alter how information is display depending on the screen size it might be time to revamp your website.

3. Website Faux Pas

Have you every visited a website that does something so annoying that it causes you to leave right away? It’s time to take an objective look at your own site to see if your website is offending visitors.

  • Does your website have popups? There was a time where this was common place and people suffered through it. These days visitors will simply go elsewhere.
  • Does your website take a long time to load?  Indiana web surfers have gotten accustomed to getting their information at the blink of an eye.  Take a look at your competition.  If your website loads slower then your competitors, it’s time for a change.
  • Do you hear audio or video play when the website loads?  Visitors don’t want to be bombarded with sales pitches or music when they first arrive on your website.  These things need to be adjusted to allow the user to trigger the interaction themselves.
  • Does your website have a ‘hit counter’?  Keeping track of the number of website visitors to the site is important but there are powerful tools for doing this and your visitors don’t need to see it.
  • Does your contact page have a list of email addresses and no form? Linking to email addresses that try to open up a Microsoft Outlook pop up window is a sure fire way of getting nobody to email you…ever.

This list could easily be a mile long but we will keep it concise, we think you probably get the point.

4. Social Media

Now we aren’t going to push the importance of being involved in social media (we think it helps…that’s all we’ll say). We aren’t going to say you need to be involved in every new social network that falls in favor (but having more than one is a good idea…that’s it we’re won’t push it more). But if you ARE going to put the effort into building your brand through social media then it is extremely important that you tie these efforts in tightly with your website. If your website doesn’t smoothly transition to social media then it’s time for a redesign.

5. Flash Website

There was a time when Flash animation was an immense advantage to the interactivity and attractiveness of a website. There has always been a loss of search engine optimization that comes with using Flash, but it was a justifiable tradeoff. These days, CSS and Javascript can offer many of the same interesting effects and tools that has been exclusive to Flash in the past. These alternatives don’t have the unfortunate reduction in search engine optimization. If your site still uses large amounts of Flash animation its time to consider a redesign and conversion to more search friendly alternatives.

There are countless signs that it is time for a website redesign. If you have decided it is time contact Black Sheep Advertising. We can help.