New Web Redesign – Poor Boys Baits

web redesign

We recently launched a web redesign for Poor Boys Baits in Warsaw, Indiana.  The old web site was painfully outdated.  The e-commerce system was losing orders and processing incompletely.  The old navigation was confusing and the administration area for filling orders was limited and difficult to manage.

The new web redesign features a Shopify back end.  The design is bright fresh and simple to navigate.  You can check out their new web redesign at Poor Boy’s Baits.

Your Business Colors Could Hurt Your Sales

business colors

Marketing Through Business Color

For years, branding experts have been using trial and error or consultants to make business color choices for marketing campaigns. This often means that color selections are made on past experiences and not scientific research. A study in the Journal of the Academy of Management Science found that during an interview with 12 creative directors, 11 admitted they were unfamiliar with color theory. Instead these creatives made color decisions based on observations. Here we will address color using a little of both by including some of the conclusions from the study mentioned above.

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5 Advantages of Print Advertising Over Online

print advertising

Modern Advertising

With marketing well ensconced in the digital age, it has become common to question the usefulness of older methods of print advertising.  Online advertising can reach a larger audience with less cost and effort.  Whether your business is located in Indiana or another area, what could possibly be the benefit of keeping print strategies in your overall plan?

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5 Signs It’s Time For A Website Redesign

website redesign Indiana

Website Redesign Needed?

A good company is always growing, adapting, and innovating to stay competitive. Its web presence needs to adapt, grow, and innovate with it to stay relevant. The internet is the front line for winning new customers and retaining current ones, even for Indiana businesses. It can get costly to completely redesign a website every time your company makes a notable change in image or strategy, but we have five good reasons to make the investment.

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Is it Still Worth Advertising in the Phone book?

Phonebook Advertising

Advertising in the Phone book

Indiana has no shortage of phone books. But with their relevancy dropping in the last decade, the value of spending advertising dollars in those pale yellow pages comes into question. We all want to get the most out of our marketing budget. It just seems hard to believe there aren’t better places to try to stir up business. Empirical evidence would suggest that assumption to be correct.

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Why Faster Websites Mean More Sales

Load Time Importance

Faster Website Matter?

The short answer – yes. Indiana consumers have grown accustomed to getting the information they need fast. Creating an interactive and attractive website is the first step, but people won’t wait long for it to load. Potential customers will head back to the search engine and no doubt find your competitors instead! In the past, having a website load in a blink was a luxury. These days it is expected – from users and search engines.

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